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If you (regardless of nationality or residency status) wish to travel to the Galapagos, you must have taken a PCR test with a negative result within 96 hours of entry into Galapagos province unless you may have vaccination certificate. The test may be the same one used to enter Ecuador via Guayaquil or Quito airports, so long as it was administered within 96 hours of entry into Galapagos province. If your PCR test was administered more than 96 hours prior to your entry to the province of Galapagos, you must take another PCR test administered in Ecuador in a laboratory recognized by the Agency for Quality Assurance of Services of Prepaid Health and Medicine (ACESS), at your cost. With a valid negative PCR result, there is no quarantine required upon arrival in the Galapagos (nor to return to the mainland of Ecuador).
For more information: please visit US Embassy web site in Quito.
Special Regimen of the Galapagos Government Council: Ministry of Tourism, and the Ministry of Public Health of Ecuador.
Authorized laboratories : by the Ecuadorian Government for PCR test for coming to Galapagos Islands.
New guidelines March,2021 for Mainland Ecuador: entering requirements for coming JUST to mainland Ecuador.


Anahi Catamaran is continuously monitoring the development of COVID-19 in Ecuador and the entire world. Our priority is the safety, well-being and health of our passengers, as well as our team. Therefore, we have established a biosecurity protocol so our passengers feel safe when traveling with us. Our protocols follow the parameters established by the authorities at a local, national and international levels. Similarly, our work team is trained to handle possible cases of COVID-19 and we are fully confident in their skills and training. Cleaning and hygiene are our priority, which is why we emphasize and reinforce strict hygiene and cleaning practices. Likewise, we recommend that passengers apply good personal hygiene practices including washing their hands frequently, using masks and gloves, and covering their nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing.

Our protocol to safeguard the safety and health of our passengers and staff.

Arrival to Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands.
• It is the responsibility of all passengers to stay informed about current regulations and mandatory documents at local, national and international levels to be able to leave their country and enter Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. • Please note that all passengers entering the country and the Galapagos Islands must (in accordance with the latest official regulations) present a PCR test carried out within the appropriate time and in their country of origin. In the same way, they will undergo health tests (including temperature taking and others) upon arrival at Ecuadorian airports. All passengers must present a copy of the results of the PCR tests before their arrival and likewise must fill out a Biosecurity Form.

Staff at the Anahi Yacht

• All our staff will have medical certificates that guarantee that they are in good health. Periodic medical controls will be carried out continuously. • All our staff will use gloves (if necessary), masks (reusable) and hair nets (only for kitchen and service personnel) that will be changed periodically. When required, gloves, masks, and hair nets will be safely disposed of in hazardous waste containers. The mandatory use of gloves remains under analysis and could be eliminated according to the official regulations of authorities at local, national and international levels. • All our staff will wash their hands periodically and will follow our internal rules of personal hygiene • All our staff are highly trained to assist passengers and report any suspected case of COVID-19 .

Boarding process at Guayaquil and Quito airports

• Please take into account that the Guayaquil and Quito airports have taken all precautions for the arrival of passengers who must undergo rapid COVID-19 screening tests, therefore, we suggest that passengers arrive at the airports with sufficient time to be able to carry out the documentation delivery processes, medical check-ups, and boarding. • Passengers must have their identification documents open and ready, so that our assisting staff can read the details without having to touch or take the documents. • Our assisting staff will deliver the individual documents of each passenger in a sealed envelope and includes the following: service voucher, pin, luggage identification tag, transit card (when applicable), etc. Our assisting staff will carry antibacterial gel to disinfect their hands (before and after) handling documents.

Protocols upon arrival to the Galapagos Islands

• Upon arrival at the airport, the guide and crew will receive passengers after they have gone through the entry, control, medical check-ups, and disinfection process imposed by the Galapagos Ecological Airport (Ecogal). • Our crew member will receive the passengers' luggage (correctly labeled with guests’ luggage tag) and will carry out a disinfection process before loading the luggage onto the ship. • Our guide will carry antibacterial gel to disinfect his hands and the hands of the passengers when they arrive at the Galapagos Islands.

Boarding and disembarking

• The boarding of the Yacht will be carried out one by one assisted by a crew member who will wear a mask and gloves (if necessary). Any person who boards the Yacht must go through a shoe disinfection tray. Once the disinfection tray is passed, passengers will proceed to remove their shows and store them in the areas designated for this purpose. • All passengers will receive (reusable) masks and antibacterial gel when carrying out the boarding process. • At the beginning of the tour, the captain will inform passengers about the regular rules and safety procedures to follow during navigation as well as the hygiene rules that passengers must try to comply with during their tour. • The captain of the yacht will take daily temperature measurements of the passengers and yacht personnel for which he will have an infrared digital thermometer (for distance temperature measurement). • At the time of disembarking, passengers will take their shoes, they will be provided with antibacterial gel, and they will board the dinghy one by one so as not to congest the area.

Protocols on-board the Yacht

• All public areas of the yacht will be disinfected periodically according to a schedule. Disinfection equipment authorized by the competent authorities will be used to constantly clean objects and surfaces. • All public areas and cabins will have permanent antibacterial gel dispensers. • All our staff will have quick access to emergency telephones nationwide. • All cabins will have information on the prevention of COVID-19 (refer to attached document). • All public areas and bathrooms will have information explaining the correct way to wash hands, the correct way to disinfection hands, and the correct way to place and dispose of masks (refer to attached document).

Disinfection and washing process for linen

• In the case of cleaning and disinfecting passenger cabins, 1 person from the housekeeping team will be allowed per cabin. • Cabin linen will be removed avoiding direct contact with the skin. The bedding will be placed in a laundry bag that will be taken to a special storage area and then to laundry to avoid possible infections. • Linen (bedding, tablecloths, towels, etc.) will be separated and washed in a professional laundry authorized for this purpose where they will use the necessary equipment including: commercial detergents, washing temperatures greater than or equivalent to 60°C, drying of linen, and subsequent ironing using hot temperatures or steam iron.

Food handling and food service on board

• The coffee, water and tea station will be maintained for passenger consumption. For the use of this station, only one to two people may be in the area to avoid congestion while maintaining the corresponding distance. • Everyone who enters the kitchen area must go through a shoe disinfection tray and will use masks and gloves (if necessary). • No crew member other than the one assigned to the kitchen area or operating staff may enter the food handling areas, they will only receive the food up until the entry of the kitchen area and hand it to kitchen personnel. • If possible, only one person delivers products at a time and only one person receives them. • Raw materials and food will never touch the floor and will be distributed in the storage areas as soon as they enter the kitchen. • Food handling personnel will not use alcohol due to the risk of food cross contamination. All kitchen and service personnel will also use masks (reusable), gloves (if necessary) and hair nets. • The food preparation area will have a minimum and maximum temperature through the use of air conditioners to guarantee an environment free of possible sources of infection. • Utensils, dishes and glassware in the food and beverage area will be disinfected daily and washed after each use. It is suggested that the dishes and cutlery used by passengers should not be shared with others.

Protocols for on-board service payments

• For payments at the bar or for purchases of Yacht souvenirs either in cash or by credit/debit cards, staff carrying out the payment process will carry antibacterial gel to disinfect their hands (before and after) the handling of cash and/or cards. • The pen, the keyboard, and bills the staff handle will be disinfected with antibacterial gel and/or alcohol always after using the equipment. • In case of cash payments, the cash will be kept in a sealed envelope for subsequent delivery to the assigned person. • The use of “Contactless” cards is recommended for payments and for which the yacht has the appropriate equipment.

Use of Snorkeling Equipment and Wetsuits

• For passengers who intend to perform snorkeling activities, it is recommended that they bring their own personal equipment: fins, tube/mouthpiece, mask, and wetsuit. • If passengers do not bring their own equipment, the yacht can provide the snorkeling equipment (fins, tube/mouthpiece, and mask) at no additional cost. • Snorkeling equipment will be delivered to passengers properly disinfected, sanitized, and packed in a suitable bag. The bag with the equipment will be labeled with the passenger's name to avoid confusions. • Wetsuits can be rented (at an additional cost) on-board the yacht. Wetsuits will be delivered to passengers properly disinfected and sanitized. • The snorkeling equipment and the wetsuit are always under the responsibility of the same passenger for their personal use and he/she will be responsible for losses and/or damage caused to the equipment.

The Anahi Yacht is constantly monitoring the measures announced by the competent authorities and is ready to follow the recommendations and/or dispositions announced on a local, national, and international level. Take into account that the biosecurity protocols may be modified according to the regulations announced at a local, national, and international level by the competent authorities.

In addition to the biosecurity measures and protocols established by the Anahi Yacht, we recommend that passengers also take care of their health and that of their companions, taking into account the following precautions: • Practice good personal hygiene including constant cleaning of their hands. • Avoid touching eyes, mouth, and nose. • Use disinfecting gel or alcohol frequently. • Cover nose and mouth with the inside of the elbow when sneezing and/or coughing. • Inform our staff immediately if they have symptoms of COVID-19 or require medical assistance.

We appreciate your trust in our Anahi Yacht and are looking forward to receiving our esteemed passengers in the near future!



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